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Citation :
Patent of Nobility

To the holder of this patent,
To whom it may concern,

We, Findecano de Brancion, Imperial King of Arms, acknowledge and declare the fact that the Imperial Knightly Order 'Ordre des Lames' has been given the County of Basel by Her Imperial Majesty Jade de Sparte, Divina favente clemencia Romanorum Imperatrix electa semper augusta, during a ceremony that took place on the 4th of December in the Imperial Palace of Strasbourg.

During the ceremony the Grand Master of the Ordre des Lames, Elektra d'Acoma, pronounced the following words that were accepted by the Holy Roman Empress:

    "Your Imperial Majesty, it is with great pride that I hereby declare that I accept this honour with humility and respect. On my faith and my honour, I promise Your Majesty to fulfil my duty of Consilium and Auxilium, as Countess of Basel and Grand Master of the Ordre des Lames. May the Almighty and all those in this room be witness of my oath."

The Ordres des Lames will receive and enjoy the following rights and honours:
- The knightly order is granted the use of the lands and resources that were given by the Holy Roman Empress;
- The Grant Master of the Ordre des Lames may dub eight knights as knights in the Ordre des Lames. He may not grant any other fiefs from the County of Basel.

Only the Grant Master of the Ordre des Lames can be the holder of the fief. Whenever a new Grand Master takes up the position or when a new Holy Roman Empire is crowned the oath has to be renewed.
If the Ordre des Lames is ever disbanded, this patent will immediately be null and void and the fief will return to the liege lord.

Signed and sealed in by the Imperial King of Arms on the 4th of December in the year of the Lord 1462

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